Enter the Virtual World

A community driven framework for integrating IoT datasources into a virtual version of the real world.



Build hierarchical models that describe anything from the real world.


Populate the model with objects from realtime virtualized datasources.


Take control of the world by mutating objects with a powerful and simple API.

Install corto

Install corto by running this command (works on Linux and OSX):

$ curl https://corto.io/install-dev-src | sh

Live demo

Watch how our tiny webserver streams data to the corto web UI using TreeQL and TreeWS


MIT licensed

Corto is free (as in “free beer” and “free speech”).

Designed for Embedded Systems







Our Mission

We want to enable small-scale organizations and hobby developers to build meaningful IoT applications, by offering a community-driven ecosystem of packages that enables reusing common functionality across many different applications.

To achieve this, we built a framework around a new set of interaction patterns that redefine how different software components ('packages') can seamlessly integrate. To reduce the learning curve, we designed an API that never exposes more complexity than the application needs.

In corto, applications simply declare their intent, and an advanced data engine ensures it 'just works'. Corto's declarative approach turns things like persisting to disk, sharing data over realtime IoT protocols or adding a REST API into one-liners.

A bit of <3 from our users

Corto accelerated development of our industrial IoT platform in many ways. Its turnkey build- and test framework got us up and running immediately. Its fast in-memory store allowed us to do sub-millisecond EtherCAT control loops with plenty of headroom left, on commodity hardware! Finally, our team loved using the web-based tools to quickly find and fix any application issues.

Alex Hendren, CEO and Founder - OASYS

Our team found Corto to be an indispensable component in our backend. Anya's varying customer requirements need tailored metrics to measure marketing success. Corto ability to quickly pull together metrics from all kinds of datasources lets us onboard new customers quickly.

Luke Peng, CEO and Founder - Anya

Despite that its API is in C, I found Corto to be a surprisingly convenient backend framework. My code looks cleaner than most of the ORMs I’ve used, and the corto web console is a really handy tool for quickly reviewing the data we've collected.

Johnny Lee, Full Stack Engineer - Alfie